Colours To Choose For Your Home For Peace and Prosperity

Colours have a definite bearing  on our lives as they play a very crucial role. Just like how the choice of colours reflects our approach and attitude, the colours of the walls have a deep impact on us and our surroundings in some way or the other. They also have a positive or a negative effect. Colours have the capacity to calm our mind and stimulate our energy. The colours of the house have a direct impact on our mood, health, and happiness.

Colours have an emotional, intellectual,materialistic, and intuitive attachment on us. This article states about the colours to choose for your home for peace and prosperity. If you are more concerned about the colours for your home, then how about having your homes fixed with UPVC windows that suits perfectly with the colours of the home. UPVC doors and windows are gaining importance for homes in recent times. The demand for UPVC windows in Bangalore is on a rise as many homeowners prefer to switch to UPVC doors and windows than going for the conventional doors and windows made of wood.

Here is the list of colours recommended for homes:

  • Red

            The colour red is known for vitality and zest. It gives a sense of warmth and enlightens the mood  of the occupants of the home in a great manner. The dashing colour displays power, courage,and vigour. However, the colour should not be used in bedrooms as it is too energising and overpowering.

  • Orange

            The colour orange has its own beauty, due to its ethereal qualities. The colour brings a sense of spirituality and transcendence. Orange is best suited for the dining room as it enhances communication, cheerfulness, and a positive feeling.

  • Yellow

            Yellow is the colour of the sun. It brings clarity of mind and alertness. The colour is also associated with wisdom and patience. Yellow is just good to go to the prayer room due to their ability to inspire intellectual clarity.

  • White

            The colour white denotes peace and purity. White colour is highly recommended for the ceilings. It brightens the room as it reflects more light. White colour can be used in the north-west direction in the bedrooms.

  • Pink

            The colour pink is highly suitable for the master bedroom situated in the south-west direction. The colour brings joy, happiness, and good feelings  which are essential for a blissful life.

  • Green

            Green stands for peacefulness and harmony. As green is the colour of nature, it brings a sense of calmness and peace in the house. It can be used in the study room as it signifies intelligence. The colour green brings quick healing and rejuvenation as well.

  • Beige

            The colour brings warmth and joy to the occupants of the home. The colour is idle for living rooms and bedrooms.


The magic of colours has a great influence on our minds and soul. It enhances the ability to make or break decisions in the right way. No doubt colours have a profound impact on our lives, that is the reason why vastu enumerates the basic rules pertaining to colours which every home should take a note of. Colours reflect our inner personality and approach towards life. The principles of vastu tells how to choose the wall colours in accordance with planetary directions in order to reap rich benefits by way of good health, wealth, peace of mind, progress, and harmony in one’s life.

If you are planning to paint your home and you are confused about the choice of colours for the rooms, then speak to our professionals who will guide you with the best colour options available for every room in your home. Beside, you can also get in touch with us for the best in-class UPVC doors and windows in Bangalore.