5 Benefits of Vastu Shastra for Home

Benefits of Vastu Shastra for Home

Vastu shastra is essential to our daily existence. Even though some individuals have misconceptions about this branch of architecture, it does not lessen its significance. Vastu is connected to the ancient vedic science that encourages happy life and is more than just a science for building structures. Since we are a rapidly expanding house construction company in Bangalore, you may also get in touch with us for Vastu-related difficulties. We also provide updated info with regard to house construction cost in Bangalore.

Windows are much more than merely a tenet of your house. Windows and doors serve a variety of functions that are crucial for a home, including providing structure and letting fresh air and light inside. It is also undeniable that monotonous windowpane viewing can get dull. Vastu is a method for calculating a location’s direction-based characteristics. It describes the best arrangement for windows, doors, furniture, and rooms that also have entry and exit points. These elements must work well together for the inhabitants’ welfare for a house to be vastu-compliant. You can reach out to us about house-related issues in addition to receiving solutions for issues relating to vaastu.

Let us consider some of the benefits of Vastu shastra which are considered beneficial.

  1. Harmonising nature’s energy

            As potent energy sources, Vastu harmonises the five elements of nature: earth, fire, air, water, and space. Both the owner and the other house guests can greatly benefit from this wonderful energy. This promotes development and unending prosperity.

  • Monetary blessing

            If properly applied, vaastu principles in a home bestow onto the inhabitants an abundance of prosperity and financial satisfaction. Financial benefits can also result in increased chances for success and for personal growth.

  • Keep relationships strong

            By eliminating any bad energies, vastu facilitates the development of positive relationships among family members. It fosters a strong feeling of familial ties, which promotes harmony, tranquillity, and happiness within the family.

  • Brings happiness

            If you come across that your home is of unwanted scuffle and misery, then it could be a cause of concern. If you find that your house is no longer a harmonious space to live , then it could be due to the vastu defects in the property. It is high time to remove those defects

Some Vastu Remedies for You

  • If you have a blank wall at the entrance side, then do not leave the wall empty. Place a poster of a god or a goddess. A blank wall denotes the negative energy of loneliness.
  • When offering prayers to god, face the north-east direction. This direction is considered to be auspicious for offering prayers and worship to the almighty.
  • Place a lamp lit near the water pot of the house to welcome good fortunes.
  • Master bedrooms should always be positioned in the south-west direction. This is good for eliminating unrest in the family.
  • Sleep with your head facing the south direction for welcoming wealth and prosperity in one’s life.
  • Avoid eating in the bedroom or in the bed, as this could lead to health issues.
  • Do not keep any thorny plants like cactus  in the home as it leads to unwanted quarrels and disputes among the family members.
  • Place the study room facing the east, west, north-east, or the north-west directions as these tend to bring success and fame.
  • Bathrooms or the washrooms should be placed facing the east or the north-west direction as these directions are considered to bring prosperity and goodluck.
  • Do not hang any violent pictures or photos like animals hunting or a ship sailing in the rough sea and so on.


One can conclude that while immediate benefits of vastu principles in a house may not happen, it doesn’t rule out the importance of vastu science for one’s living based on the points mentioned above.  Moreover, applied principles of vastu in homes can boost the residential quotient of the property in a great way. Moreover, you can also contact us for all your housing construction needs as we are one of the leading house construction company in Bangalore.