Delivering in Dhaka: Challenges and Solutions for Package Delivery Services

When carrying out a plan, any country faces certain challenges. However not everyone has the potential to curb these challenges and go forwards by finding solutions. Package Delivery is one of the biggest industries in Bangladesh. Companies need professional and organisational skills to complete package deliveries and give customers a smooth delivery experience. Sometimes, various challenges occur, especially in very busy and traffic-prone cities like Dhaka. Obviously, any business would not like to lose their customers due to the inability to perform shipments on time or any other issues. 

In this article, first we will have a look at some of the challenges that package delivery services in Dhaka face and we will then have a look at the possible solutions that can be used to keep these problems away while carrying out parcel delivery in Dhaka. So let’s begin, shall we? Read on!

Package Delivery Services in Dhaka: Challenges

Let’s have a look at some of the most common challenges that are faced by package delivery Dhaka:

  1. Increasing Operational Expenses 

The increase in petrol prices, the growing costs of vehicle maintenance, and the rising costs that businesses face due to labour and staff and for the purchase of other materials are huge problems that various delivery businesses face. On top of these costs, other unforeseen charges and costs may arise in the delivery process, like order cancellations, which can increase expenses a lot. 

  1. Delayed Deliveries

Late deliveries, due to extra traffic, improper routes and unexpected weather conditions may also irritate the delivery drivers and the customers. An expected delivery date, builds expectations and hopes among the customers, and when they are not met, might result in major disappointment. 

  1. Reach & Access

Delivery companies make deliveries to many areas. This includes residential houses and commercial districts. Traffic jams and inadequate parking are two of the most significant location-related issues in cities like Dhaka. Also, there is especially a huge problem of delivery in rural areas.

  1. Lost Parcels

A late delivery can be managed, but not a lost package and can ruin the whole final delivery process. The reasons for the loss of parcels include theft, problems at packing centres, and missing tracking information. Losing parcels can damage the trust of customers and the business’s reputation. 

  1. Address Issues

Address issues, such as wrong addresses, occur when errors are made by manual entries or unclear address labels. When parcels are delivered to the wrong addresses, delays and frustration occur. 

  1. Handling Issues

When a parcel arises, damaged goods are common because of bad roads or rough handling. This is costly for businesses because returns and replacements may occur.

Package Delivery Services in Dhaka: Solutions

Let’s have a look at some of the effective solutions that can be used while delivering parcels in Dhaka:

  1. Use of Modern Technology

Many logistic companies still use old methods, but when the right technology is used, deliveries can improve greatly. This technology includes software to find the quickest routes, avoid traffic, calculate delivery distance, and use GPS to track packages; working with various delivery companies to reach more places; and looking at past data to predict busy times. 

  1. Automatic Dispatch

Auto-dispatch softwares simplifies the process of assigning the correct delivery to each order, considering factors like capacity and proximity of last-mile delivery. This smoothens operations by automatically choosing available drivers and giving them the tasks with the shortest routes to their destinations. 

  1. Cost-Control

To deal with rising costs, delivery businesses can plan smarter truck routes, saving fuel. They can also try to get discounts when buying oil or tires in bulk. 

  1. Parcel Security & Proper Handling

To prevent packages from getting lost, delivery companies can use strong tracking systems and safety rules, check that packages have correct tracking labels, and transport packages safely to avoid theft. To manage handling problems, companies need to train their workers better and should also check packages more to ensure they’re not damaged. 

  1. Improved Communication

During deliveries, customers expect updates on their parcels. Using real-time tools for information exchange and supply chain visibility leads to proper decision-making and minimising delays. On-time delivery to customers along with providing them notifications and proofs of delivery improves satisfaction. Reputed apps like Porter Logistics Dhaka provide their customers with such features. 


So, to conclude, for delivery companies in Dhaka to do well, they need to make sure they deliver packages on time, safely, and with planning ahead. Hence, watch out for some of the above mentioned challenges and their solutions and run deliveries smoothly and in style!