What is Frontier Airlines Check in policy

Frontier Airlines check- in is when travellers confirm their trip plans and get their boarding passes before getting on the plane. You can do this online using the airline’s website or app, at the airport using self- service machines, or at the check- in counter with a hand.

For flights within the country, passengers usually need to check in at least 45 minutes before the flight. For flights outside the country, it’s generally 60 minutes before. However; you can do it 24 hours before your flight, if you check in online.

When you check in with Frontier, you can pick where you want to sit, buy upgrades, and add things like extra bags or food for the flight.

Ways to Check in

You can check in for your Frontier Airlines flight in other ways online, using the mobile app, at the airport’s right-of-way check- in, a kiosk, or at the ticket counter.

Online and Mobile Check- In

You can check in online or on the mobile app until 60 minutes before your flight leaves.However, there are self- service machines where you can check in and drop off your bags, If you are at the airport.However, it’s good to get to the airport at least 2 hours before your flight, If you have checked bags. There is also a Baggage Drop service if you’ve before checked in online and only need to leave your bags.

Frontier Online Check- In(Using the Website)

Then is how you can check in online through Frontier Airlines’ website

•        Go toFlyFrontier.com

•        Click on” My Trip/ Check- In”

•        Enter your Last Name and the Confirmation Code from your flight(it’s a mix of 6 letters and numbers)

•        Click” Search” to find your flight details

•        Follow the instructions on the screen to check in

During online check-in, you can:

·         See your travel plan

·         Pick or upgrade your seat

·         Download and print your boarding pass

·         Get extra baggage (it’s cheaper online than at the airport)

Cases Where You Might Not Check In Using the Mobile App

There are situations where you might not be able to use the Frontier Airlines mobile app to check in. Here are some cases:

·         Special Services Assistance: If you’ve asked for special help at the airport, like a wheelchair, support for cognitive or developmental disabilities, aid for hearing or sight impairments, travelling with an emotional support or trained service animal, or carrying medical equipment like a portable oxygen concentrator.

·         Travelling with Pets: If you’re taking a pet along with you.

Frontier Priority Check-In

If you have a WORKS or PERKS bundle or you’re a Frontier Miles Elite-level member, you can use the Frontier Airlines Check in at specific airports. This service gives you priority in security and boarding.

Frontier Kiosk Check-In

At certain airports, you’ll find self-service touchscreen kiosks. You can use these to:

·         Check in for your flight

·         Drop off your bags

·         See your travel plan

·         Choose or upgrade your seat

·         Print your boarding pass

To use the kiosk, make sure you have:

·         Your flight confirmation code (a 6-character code like FLY789 or C5CEKG from your confirmation email)

·         Your confirmation email, credit card, ID, or passport

Once you get your boarding pass from the kiosk, you can drop off your bags at the Bag Drop counter.