What Are the Problems of Notary Publics?

A notary is always a very difficult and stressful job, especially for the heads of notary offices, which is much more sensitive and stressful because they are faced with many laws that require them to comply with legal and criminal points in order to be able to make their career successful. According to a notary public in Toronto, intentional or unintentional violations of the notary public lead to criminal or legal action by the Real Estate Registry Organization or judicial authorities and inspection of notary public offices. In this article, we are trying to explain some of the problems that our dear colleagues may face during the activities of the notary.

Notarial problems regarding office management

First of all, an office manager should be able to manage his office in the best possible way with knowledge, experience and work policy. Because if the office and the organizations located there do not perform their duties well, the notary cannot easily and freely achieve their goals and focus on their main work, which ultimately leads to the financial and mental loss of the notary.

What are some issues and problems of the notary public profession?

If there is not enough precision in choosing employees or office assistants, the notary will face problems at the very beginning, and his work will not be done professionally. In all these cases, it is the notary who has been questioned and must be held accountable.

The other case is related to the employees who do not perform the assigned duties well and finally, it is demanded, and the case is brought to the notary’s complaint, and without reason, the notary has to pay compensation even though he was not at fault in any way.

The next issue is to create order in the office, which requires the empathy of all office staff and personnel, and if one of the agents does not observe discipline, for example, in the correct filing of documents or maintenance of office equipment, etc., the office will eventually have problems.

If, for any reason, the employee’s behavior with the client is not correct, the client can easily complain to the notary as the office manager. So, notary public offices should be careful to manage the client’s satisfaction and prevent future incidents in other cases, except in cases where the client intentionally wants to cause problems.

Another important issue is the people who, especially before the installation of the fingerprint and civil registration system, easily went to notary offices, and the notary only signed with the national card or birth certificate for identity verification. And this caused many problems due to the similarity of the signer instead of the main person of the notary public. In the end, the notary public was accused of being an accessory to the crime and was suspended and fired forever just because of the signature of a person instead of the original person.