Unusual and Unique Things to Do in Charlotte in 2023

If you haven’t spent much time in the South, Charlotte, North Carolina is an excellent spot to start. Charlotte, North Carolina’s largest metropolis, offers visitors arts, athletics, and much more. Even if you can only visit for a day or two, you’ll understand why Charlotte has such a positive reputation. Charlotte, North Carolina has things to do.

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1. The Billy Graham Library

The late Reverend Billy Graham is one of the most well-known residents of Charlotte, North Carolina. His evangelism helped him become one of the most important figures of the twentieth century. You should visit the Billy Graham Library to gain a better knowledge of Graham and his work. The surrounding environment is rich with beauty that might help you feel closer to God. If you become hungry, there is a great restaurant nearby. One of the best things to do in Charlotte is visit the Billy Graham Library.

2. Merchant & Trade

Nothing beats discovering the nicest bar in town while on vacation. Merchant & Trade in Charlotte can help you with that. This is what you should do if you want to feel like a celebrity when visiting North Carolina. Merchant & Trade is a rooftop bar that is both sophisticated and unique. It’s a delight to be able to drink in an environment as polished as Merchant & Trades. When it comes to things to do in Charlotte, this should be one of the more appealing possibilities.

3. Wing Haven Gardens 

For a century, it has been one of Charlotte’s most popular attractions. This non-profit attraction’s garden is particularly noteworthy. Plants such as perennials, trees, and bushes can be seen. A centuries-old sundial is one of the installations. If you enjoy birds, you’ll be to observe so many different species coexisting. Coming to Wing Haven Gardens and Bird Sanctuary is what to do in Charlotte if you seek serenity.

4. NASCAR Hall of Fame

If you have a desire for speed, you must visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Coming here is one of the most enjoyable activities in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can see how this great sport came to be and why it is still cherished by followers worldwide. There are many intriguing displays at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. There are racing simulators and priceless artefacts on display, among other things. It’s also fascinating to learn more about the folks behind the wheel. Dale Earnhardt, Fireball Roberts, and Terry Labonte are among the Hall of Famers. It’s a lot of fun to visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame. 

5. U.S. National Whitewater Center

If you enjoy thrills, you should visit the US National Whitewater Centre. There are many other things that will keep you busy and happy. You can also do hiking, biking, and kayaking also to rafting. There is also the option of ziplining and paddleboarding. When you visit the US National Whitewater Centre, you may spend every minute in the present. A venue like the US National Whitewater Centre is a lot of fun.

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