Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd Augments Its Leadership Team Ahead Of Its IPO

Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd is a financial services-focused company dedicated to offering investors’ services. It mainly serves in inter-related verticals, including commodity clearing, equity derivatives clearing, and more. The company recently filed DRHP with the Indian capital market regulator SEBI and indulged in preparation for its IPO. 

For this, Orbis augmented its leadership team, in which the company announced the appointment of Rajesh M. Sharma as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The move of Orbis has been seen as preparation for its IPO, which might launch at the end of this year. Currently, investors can only buy Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd unlisted shares. In this blog, we will discuss the changes happening in the leadership team of Orbis Financial and its unlisted shares.

Changes In Leadership Roles At Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd

Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd is in the limelight due to its decision to change its leadership roles ahead of its IPO. Well, it is not the first company that has taken such a step before it boAt also augmented its top management before launching an IPO.

The first announcement Orbis management made was an appointment of the industry veteran Rajesh M. Sharma as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Rajesh has over 23 years of experience across the capital market and securities services. Before that, Rajesh served as an executive director of transaction banking at Standard Chartered Bank. 

Apart from this, Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd appointed Manoj Agrawal as its Chief Operating Officer (COO), who has nearly 20 years of experience in the capital market. Another change in the leadership role is the induction of Shachindra Nath, former CEO of Religare and Michael Jaeggi as an independent board director. 

In addition, Atul Gupta, the founder of Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd, will be the executive chairman and guide the company towards its goal of an IPO and future growth. In the statement, Atul said that “We are excited to welcome Rajesh and Manoj to the leadership team. Their diverse experience adds immensely to our business and governance framework, further strengthening Orbis as an institution.”

The change in the leadership team shows Orbis efforts towards using the experience of the industry leaders in preparing for its most anticipated IPO. In managing the financials and keeping the records up to date, Orbis will get expert assistance from the newly appointed CEO and COO.

Current Financials Report of Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd

Orbis Financials Corporation Ltd is currently offering its unlisted shares for trading, for which the company announced the public issue. Since the company has not disclosed the launch date of its IPO, Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd unlisted shares are available at the preset face value of Rs 10 per share. 

In addition, Orbis Financial also offered its 55,46,771 equity shares to retail investors at the premium of Rs 30.50 per share for cash. Until its IPO, you can buy Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd unlisted shares using trading platforms like Stockify. However, looking at the company’s financial report for the last few financial years is crucial.

Particulars (in Rs cr.)FY22FY21FY20
Operating Revenue665533811688
Employees Benefits Expenses20251133738
Profit After Tax15931156657
Tax Expenses345543463
Operating Profit1059978757
Finance Cost993685432

Based on the data in the table, Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd’s financial report for the last three years has been positive. The company’s revenue and profit have increased from FY20-22. However, before investing in Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd unlisted shares, it is essential to check the fluctuation in its share price.

As per the above graph, Orbis Financial Corporation pre-IPO stock price has surged from May to June 2023. On 8 May 2023, the price of Orbis financial unlisted shares was Rs 85.5 per share, which increased to Rs 98 per share at the end of May. So, it is a positive sign for retail investors looking to buy unlisted Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd shares before its IPO.

Buy Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd Unlisted Shares Before Its IPO

The augmented leadership team showed that Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd is gearing up for its upcoming IPO. With the help of the experience of its new CEO, COO, and independent board directors, the company is keeping its financials updated ahead of its IPO. However, it is a golden opportunity for investors who want to invest in Orbis Financial shares. 

As an early investor, you can buy Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd unlisted shares, which will benefit you once the company launches its IPO in the future. For hassle-free trading in unlisted shares, you can connect with Stockify’s experts with years of experience. You will get complete assistance and access to updated share prices and financial reports there. To buy unlisted shares of Orbis Financial Corporation and other companies, connect with experts now!