7 fun weekend getaways in Alaska

If you’re planning a trip to Alaska and want to add something special to your itinerary, check out my list of 7 Alaska experiences worth paying for! There is a lot to think about when planning a trip, such as transportation, accommodations, attractions, and so on. Having said that, I still want to make the most of my time in a new place and enjoy it as much as possible. 

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1. Helicopter Tour

The most stunning and unobstructed views can be had by helicopter, which is why we chose to go on the Grand Knik Tour with Alaska Helicopter Tour. This tour takes you past Lake George’s scenic turquoise water and glaciers, as well as a glacier wall. You’ll over moose as they roam the valley below, also to stunning scenery. During the 2-hour tour, you’ll see the Knik, Colony, and Cataract glaciers, as well as some Alaskan wildlife. To summarise, this was one of our trip’s highlights! In Alaska, helicopter tours are worth the money! If you’re going to splurge on anything, make it this!

2. Borealis Basecamp

For as long as I can remember, seeing the Northern Lights has been a dream of mine. And let me tell you something… THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT! The Borealis Basecamp is about 25 miles from Fairbanks. They have a world-class restaurant with delectable food and a rustic atmosphere reminiscent of the Alaskan north. Furthermore, the accommodations are fantastic! You’ll stay in a private igloo with a large viewing window so you can see the aurora borealis, one of the world’s most magical natural phenomena.

3. Flightseeing

This is sightseeing by plane, as the name implies! Because of Alaska’s often inaccessible terrain, you can see and experience more of what the state has to offer. Private planes and flying are so popular that one out of every 40 residents has a pilot’s licence. There are a variety of flightseeing tour operators and flightseeing options available. From Anchorage, you can fly northwest over Denali or over the best places to see wildlife in its natural habitat.

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4. Glacier Dog Sledding Tour

Dog sledding is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of the last frontier. You’ll take a helicopter to the top of a glacier to meet your pack on a glacier dog sledding tour like this one. Following that, you’ll go on an exciting dog sledding tour around a glacier. Some tour organisers will provide extra warm clothing, but I recommend dressing warmly and layering!

5. Matanuska Glacier

A visit to Matanuska Glacier is a fantastic day trip! It’s classified as a valley glacier and is reachable by car. Matanuska Glacier Tours offers the best views of the glacier. A 20-minute hike will get you to the ice’s edge. Spend the next hour or so walking on the ice (don’t slip!) and admiring the views of the Matanuska River and Glacier. The views will take your breath away, making this one of the best-paid experiences in Alaska! Before you go, read my blog post to learn everything you need to know about Matanuska Glacier.

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6. Glacier Boat Tour

Getting out on the water gives you a fresh perspective. Also, many glaciers in Alaska can only be by boat! (See the 17 best glaciers to visit in Alaska here!) In Alaska, there are various types of boat tours and mini cruises that vary in length, stops, and amenities. Massive glaciers, icebergs, landscapes, and wildlife will awe you. Although your boat will most likely have a heated indoor cabin, the best views are from the deck. This boat tour, for example, departs from Seward and explores some spectacular glaciers in Kenai Fjords National Park.

7. All-Inclusive Lodge

A dozen people can spend the same amount of time in Alaska and have completely different experiences. That’s what I love about Alaska: you can have whatever kind of adventure you want! It can be as rustic and adventurous or as opulent as you desire. An all-inclusive lodge will provide you with both adventure and relaxation if you are looking for both. As a result of staying in one location, you can learn more about the local culture, meet new people, and make the most of your time in the city. 

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